Alt-right supporters have used the Notre Dame Cathedral fire in Paris to spread xenophobic rhetoric on social media.

The massive blaze that erupted on Monday in the French capital destroyed much of the timber roof and toppled the spire of the cathedral, which was in the middle of a $6.8m renovation.

The fire was extinguished on Tuesday around 15 hours after it broke out.

Officials are still investigating the reason behind the fire, but have ruled out arson.

French media reported that the fire might have been linked to the renovation work. The Paris prosecutor’s office said that “as matters stand” it was investigating a count of “involuntary destruction by fire”.

Yet, alt-right provocateurs were quick to peddle conspiracy theories and spread insinuations against Muslims in the wake of the blaze, that gutted parts of the historic building.

Richard Spencer, a white supremacist and the leader of the alt-right, said the fire would have “served a glorious purpose” if it pushed the “White man into action


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