London, United Kingdom – Brexit is going through yet another crunch week. It is unlikely to be the last as the European Union appears likely to grant the United Kingdom another extension at an emergency European Council summit on Wednesday evening.

The heads of the 28 EU member states, including the UK, will meet in Brussels on Wednesday evening to discuss a request by British Prime Minister Theresa May for an extension until June 30.

But a longer extension with a clause to end the UK’s membership earlier if a deal is passed – a so-called “flextension” – emerged as a more likely outcome on Tuesday.

The UK was originally scheduled to leave the EU on March 29, but the last European Council meeting ended with a decision to give the UK a two-tier deadline of May 27 should the withdrawal agreement be passed in the House of Commons, or April 12 if not.

By this date, only two days from now, May was to present the Council with a solution to the Brexit conundrum.

And while the British parliament has failed to reach an agreement on other Brexit options, talks between May’s Conservative party and the opposition Labour party have so far not produced results


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